Healthy Eating Classes

I've had a lot of new opportunities coming up recently, with many requests to run corporate and community healthy eating and cooking classes. It's been very exciting and an avenue I'm excited to be travelling down. If you feel that your group, staff or colleges could benefit from a class to be held in your community hall, home, board room or lunch room, please drop me a line as I'm more than happy to assist! It's been so much fun and I've enjoyed demonstrating and making a variety of healthy food to tempt the taste buds.


I absolutlely love Reiki energy and the healing benefits it brings, not only to myself but also my family. I'm now a qualified practitioner and am excited to be able to share this beautiful modality to help nuture and heal the mind, body and spirit.
Reiki energy is universal engergy and it's healing properties go to where they are needed either via person to person or even a distance healing. I love to marry supporting essential oils and crystals into my Reiki practice and have seen many benefits since allowing the flow.

Update: I am taking appointments for reiki healing. Please contact me for more information and pricing.

Recipe Book Progress

Things are progressing along in a forward motion, with over 60 recipes now prepared. I'm working on recipe testing and food photography at the same time and really enjoying my slow, paced, creative jourey right now. The next step is sourcing a publisher!
In the meantime if you a curious to have a taste of the contents. I've release a small sampler EBook which is available to download here.